Questions to Help You Outline an Effective Social Media Strategy

Putting together an effective social media strategy can be very time consuming and require a lot of forward thinking on the part of your business. It can be difficult to determine exactly how you should go about designing a social media strategy that matches your brand and still speaks to your customers. Far too many businesses fail to remember that it is the customers that matter and you have to give your followers what they want in order to remain relevant on social media.

Here are some questions that you can ask yourself when designing your social media strategy;

Who Is My Customer?

Who are they? This should be information that you have readily available. What is your target demographic? Are they men or women? How much do they earn yearly? Without knowing who your customer is, it is difficult for you to determine how you can go about crafting content that they will find useful.

What Problems Do They Have that My Product Solves?

How do you help them to better their lives? This is the selling point for your business and should be the main point whenever you are creating content for your intended audience. Think about all of the different problems that your product could potentially solve. The best way to answer this question is to ask your customers, and brainstorm content ideas around those solutions that you provide.

What Do You Like About Other Companies Social Media Efforts?

What is it that you like about other companies within your niche and how they handle their social media. We don’t advocate copying strategies, but using them for your own inspiration is always a good idea. When you see what is working for others you can find a way to apply similar efforts to your own strategies.

What Are Your Company Goals for Social Media?

This question can take you down one of a number of different paths. Think big picture. Set specific but realistic goals for your interaction with users. Social media is a powerful medium but is friendlier to some businesses than others.  Without goals there is no way to judge the success of your business. You have to have a place that you would like to reach.

What Is Your Brand Voice?

What is the voice of your brand? When speaking to your audience through your brand – how do you want them to feel? Are you speaking to them professionally or casually? Your brand voice will be influenced by your industry. You don’t want to speak from a casual voice when you are selling high grade security software for large scale businesses. Choose a voice that matches the direction of your company and use that voice to connect with your audience.

Will My Social Media Platform Double as a Customer Service Platform?

Do you want to offer customer service through your social media accounts? When your following grows it might be impossible for you to avoid receiving questions from interested parties. But, creating the expectations that your audience can receive customer support through social media may leave loopholes in your workflow. Set the precedent early and stick to it. Providing customer support through social media networks certainly can help to foster a positive reputation, but can also lead to situations where customers with issues slip through the cracks.

Content Creation – What Are My Resources?

A big part of content creation is knowing what resources are realistically available to you. What is your capacity for content creation? Devise a social strategy that is going to compliment how often you are able to publish content. If you have one writer who can write once per week – plan a series of tweets related to that content and lead your followers up to your new piece. Be cohesive.

Where is Social Media in your Sales Funnel?

Will social media be a relevant and integral part of your sales funnel? This is the process that takes visitors and turns them into customers. For most business – social media is often at the top of the sales funnel. It may be the first interaction that you have with a company.